Indrayani Biotech Limited (IBL) was incorporated on 09th March, 1992. Pursuant to public announcement dated 02nd January, 2018 and subsequently open offer made by Mr. Kasiraman Sayee Sundar, the shareholding of the erstwhile promoters (i.e. Mr. Prakash Ramchandra Bang, Mr. Ruchir Prakash Bang, Mr. Anuj Prakash Bang, Mrs. Vrunda Prakash Bang, Mrs. Malti Ramchandra Bang and Mrs. Smita Jhavar) has been transferred to Mr. Kasiraman Sayee Sundar, new promoter of the Company.

Accordingly, the Board of Directors reconstituted the Board due to the change in the promoters and the shareholding pattern of the Company and Mr. Kasiraman Sayee Sundar has been appointed as Managing Director of the Company. The Board of Directors of the Company has been reconstitured after the recent scheme of amalgamation of M/s. Helios Solutions Limited and M/s. A-Diet Express Hospitality Service Limited with M/s. Indrayani Biotech Limited

The new management is in the process of exploring various avenues of business and looking to develop the new business.

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