Business Model - Indrayani Biotech Limited

Indrayani Biotech Limited (IBL) is a BSE listed company. Our mission and growth model are to identify and aggregate prospective MSMEs having potential for high growth, managed by committed, dynamic entrepreneurs with a holistic vision, aspiring to succeed, who look for help and support in some form. Our model is to promote inclusive growth with participatory and complementary style of management.

MSME Companies are considered to be the mainstay and employment providers in the industrial sector of India. However, they are fraught with massive challenges which are seldom overcome independently. Promising companies with a potential to make it big, get embroiled in challenges and end up with either a stunted growth or in an irrecoverable debt trap shattering the dreams of the first-generation entrepreneurs as they go unrewarded for their merits, effort and toil.

Inclusive Growth

We have a very innovative, validated, and proven model which provides a safety net, a launching pad and a stable platform for such companies. We aggregate and assimilate such MSME companies and take them in as a subsidiary of the parent entity, based on mutual agreement.

We have a unique approach to handle the challenges faced by MSMEs wherein the entire needs including financials, business development, compliance and other requirements of the entity if not met by the subsidiary shall be entirely assisted by the parent listed entity. The existing promoters will continue to helm the affairs of the subsidiary and manage the same with additional board members infused from the parent listed entity.

Our participation is structured in such a way that the existing promoters do not suffer further dilution of their stake, due to any increase in the quantum of help received. Unlike regular M&A, our unique model ensures that the promoters are always at the helm of affairs and shall continue to drive the operations, focusing on their core competency, utilizing their knowledge, experience and skills. With their share of stake remaining constant, substantial and with our impetus, the entrepreneurs realize and surpass their vision, thereby unlocking the true business value.

We believe in helping through a path with least hassle, predictable outcome, consensus, and creating win-win-win situations for all the stakeholders.


Socially relevant and responsible

While doing so, we focus on socially relevant companies and promote socially responsible products and services. Single-specialty hospitals, Pharma, Homecare services, Agriculture services, Food services, Biotech products, Dairy products, small multi-fuel industrial Boilers, Green energy plants are some of the socially relevant and high growth areas where we have aggregated business and acquired capability. Most of them have active on-going CSR initiatives as part of their operations. 


Providing an ecosystem to unlock value

Our subsidiaries enjoy and share complete trust and transparency in the operations and we facilitate practicing scalable, sustainable, repeatable and predictable outcome-based processes to unlock the hidden tremendous potential and achieve exponential growth in valuation.

We facilitate and have been successful in creating and maintaining ecosystems where our subsidiaries can procure and supply their products and services within the organisation from other subsidiaries, thereby increasing the demand and realizing better value for their products and services.

Through assimilation of knowledge and skills from various MSME companies, our subsidiaries enjoy a centralized and diverse repository of knowledge and have access to take help from all types of capabilities / skills within the organization.  Opportunities for cross leveraging capabilities, repurposing their technology value chain and professional growth for individuals are abundant.

Our subsidiaries enjoy advantages of access to highly skilled centralised business enablers like legal, secretarial, human resources and accounting functions.