Food and Hospitality

Brand : A-Diet Express

Established in 2002 as A-Diet Express Hospitality Service Limited

Merged with Indrayani Biotech in 2018

Centralised Kitchens : Coolaimedu, Poonamalle, Sriperumbudur - all at Chennai

Full range of food supply services on a contract basis to Colleges and Universities, Hospitals and Health Care Institutions, Corporate Offices, Industrial Houses, IT and ITES Companies

One of India’s most reputed Catering & Outsourced Administrative Services Provider

1000+ On-Roll Employees

Average age of top clients is 5+ years

Operations across 12 states and 20 cities

Capacity of 100000 meals / day

Several onsite kitchens spread across India


Brand : IBL

Established as Nandhini Biotech (a proprietary concern) in late 1990s

Acquired by IBL in 2020

Products : Micro-organisms based bio-fertilizers and bio-pest controllers

Product Names : TricoGuard, Garuda, Phospo (BioSolublePhospo), Potash, BlackGold, NematodeControl, Meta-RH, VertiSwaga (BioKiller), Vortex-III, Azo-LQ (Bio Nitrogen Fixer), Super-77 (Bio N-P-K), VAM, SepTech (BioTreater), Coirpith based compost, VermiCompost, Ciorpith Bricks.

Technical Names : Pseudomonas, Beauveria Bassiana, Metarhizium, Potash Mobiliser, Tricoderma Viride, Verticillium Lecanii, Humic acid, MN Mixture, NP Virus, VAM

Factory : Ponneri, Chennai & Sirumugai, Coimbatore

The products are microorganism based, very advanced and superior to widely available bio products

The products are manufactured under very tight controlled environment and are tested in exclusive advanced lab.

The team also provides consultancy services for farmers who would like to move to bio fertilizers and help them in achieving high productivity.

Engineering - Power Electronics

Brand : Helios

Established in 1995 as Helios Solutions Limited

Merged with Indrayani Biotech in 2018

Products : FCBC, Battery Charger, Modular, Industrial and commercial On-line UPS System, Industrial Inverters, AC / DC Power Supplies, DC-DC Converters, Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer, Automatic Rescue Device (ARD) for Elevator application – up to 400 KVA and Special purpose Machines (SPM).

Factory : Guindy, Chennai

Customised power electronics products are designed manufactured, supplied and serviced based on requirements from industries, institutions and large residential complexes.

Engineering - Boilers


MATRIX Boilers Private Limited., was established in 2006 and is a subsidiary of Indrayani Biotech since 2022.

Products : Design, Engineering and manufacturing of Waste heat recovery systems Package Boilers (AFBC, FBC), Economiser, Super heaters, Steam Drums, Deaerator cum feed water storage tanker, Blow down systems, Dosing systems, Heat exchangers, Pressure vessels and Storage tanks, Water-preheaters and Air-preheaters.

Capacity : upto 25 TPH

Factory : 4 acres plant at Mathur, Trichy, Tamilnadu

Have developed, tested, revalidated their new HYBRID Design of packaged process boilers which will have 15 to 20% lesser fuel and power consumption and they have got the PATENT registered for the design


Brand : EnNutrica

Dindigul Farm Product Pvt Ltd., was established in 2011 and is a subsidiary of Indrayani Biotech since 2022. It became public company and the name changed to Dindigul Farm Product Limited. Dindigul Farm Product Limited has submitted the draft Red Herring Prospectus for SME IPO in BSE

Products : Skimmed Milk Powder, Milk Protein Concentrates, Milk Whey Powder, Whey Powder, Whey Protein Concentrates, Evaporated Milk, Whole Milk Powder, Dairy Whitener and Casein

Product Names : Formula 7+, Formula 8 And Formula 8+ for Business ; ActivDay (Prime, Choco, Premium, Junior) for Retail

Factory : Pillayarnatham, Dindigul, Tamilnadu

Has a State of the Art plant spread in 19 Acres of land in a green environment churning out export quality products

The products are widely used in Nutrition, Dairy, Icecream and Baking Industries

Healthcare and Pharma

A wholly owned subsidiary of Indrayani Biotech Limited established in 2020.

Healthway India Private Limited, a Pharma Marketing Company, is a subsidiary and was aggregated in 2022

The Resolution Plan submitted for take over of Vaasan Medical Center (India) Private Limited, which is a Pharma Retail Chain, has been approved by Hon'ble NCLT Chennai.

KNISS Laboratories Private Limited, a Pharma manufacturing company established in 1988, becomes a subsidiary.

Has acquired 36.92% equity in M/S Peekay Mediequip Limited, a Medical Equipment manufacturer established in 1995, as a first step towards making it a subsidiary.

Has Hospitals and Clinics providing Eye care, Multispeciality Dental care, Cosmetology, Skin Care and Hair Care

Agri Solutions

HSL Agri Solutions Limited is Established in 2018 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Indrayani Biotech Limited

The company does corporate farming in own farms and additional land extent taken on lease. The farm uses Biotech products manufactured by the Biotech unit of IBL and provides the farm produce to the food division of IBL for consumption.

Additionally, it also is involved in trading of agricultural commodities for the group companies and external entities.

Farm : Pellakuppam & Vadamanipakkam, Tindivanam, Tamilnadu


HSL PRIME Properties Private Limited is Established in 2017 and is a subsidiary of Indrayani Biotech Limited.

The company is involved in promoting commercial and residential infrastructure projects.

The company is currently envisaging construction of a class A commercial complex at Guindy Chennai with a built-up area of 44000 sq. ft on a prime location.


IBL Investments Limited was incorporated as a wholly owned subsidiary of IBL in 2022 to manage the financial needs of the business units

Corporate Social Services

IBL Social Foundation is a section 8 company and a wholly owned subsidiary of IBL formed in 2022 to take care of the CSR responsibilities of the group companies